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About Us

Finding a suburban home in the NYC area can be a daunting task. With over 600 towns within commuting distance of the city, each with different school systems, commute styles, and personalities, it can be hard for homebuyers to know which town is the best fit for their families.

PicketFencer helps homebuyers find a hometown that fits their personality and unique needs, based on publicly available data and insights from the people that live there. The initial release of our product,, contains comprehensive profiles for over 600 towns in the NYC metro area, all filterable by region, commute time, school rating, walkability and affordability. We then layer in social content from Instagram, YouTube, Yelp, and Twitter to provide a qualitative picture of each town’s personality. Finally, we offer a concierge town-recommendation service for those that need more help finding the perfect hometown.

Our team is made up of veterans from the start-up and digital agency worlds, and has over 30 years combined experience building user-focused software for the web. PicketFencer is also a graduate of the Spring 2016 cohort of the Founder Institute, the world’s premier startup launch program for talented entrepreneurs.

David 0a6737a4e93fdc61d01e2d5e88e1abf1146fcac82735137397290cb79f58c2aa David Leibowitz, Founder and Product Lead
David was inspired to create PicketFencer when he moved with his wife and young daughter from New York City to suburban New Jersey. He found that there were few resources available online to help families pick the right hometown, and decided to create a better way. He has over fifteen years experience leading stratetic planning at top NYC digital agencies for Fortune 500 clients. He is also an MBA graduate of NYU Stern.

John b5699b28175a6ccfdb06ccdad563a797b1944c6ffd8ddccc24b33a16bcfe5227 John Joseph Bachir, Technology
John is an experienced software engineer and product team leader, with 15 years of broad experience including content management, social, and retail systems. He also has 7 years experience in the CTO role at several start-ups. He helps plan technology and development at PicketFencer.

Robbie 94ced418febcca03c57495bf3fef6b03433fb5b979f7530c78eaf7d74ee1cd17 Robbie Gomez, Interface Design
A Creative Director with 17+ years experience in interactive design, Robbie designed the user interface for PicketFencer.

Emily 6b961c20d096684545a1cb1dfbb628f80d00f20bfb1cda12b23a5df1b51cddc1 Emily Fromm, Operations
As Executive Producer of, Emily was responsible for the management of the web’s pre-eminent site for pet adoption and ownership. At PicketFencer, she helps maintain smooth operations across the company.